Fury as Eric Trump shares debunked video of people 'burning 80 Trump ballots'

Fury as Eric Trump shares debunked video of people 'burning 80 Trump ballots'
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Most of the Trump clan tend to stick to the family line (except Tiffany).

So it’s no surprise that when their dad is engaged in spreading misinformation and out-and-out lies about voter fraud, that his offspring are too.

Eric Trump has become the latest member of the dynasty to share false information on social media.

While his social feeds are full of clips he alleges show completely unproven voter fraud, one video in particular has been singled out for being egregiously fake.

Trump shared a now-deleted clip of a person claiming to be burning 80 Trump ballots in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Wednesday.

But as CNN Business reports, the video has been debunked completely by officials.

The clip shows an anonymous person dousing the ballots – which he claims are “all for President Trump” – in a flammable liquid and setting fire to them.

As if the fact the person prefixed Trump with the honorific of ‘president’ first wasn’t enough of a giveaway, Virginia Beach officials say that the ballots were fake too.

In a statement, Virginia Beach said that the ballots were clearly “sample ballots” and that they “lack the bar code markings that are on all official ballots”.

Officials also provided news outlets with side-by-side comparison of a real ballot and screenshots from the fake video.

It hasn’t stopped the clip spreading though; by the time Eric Trump posted it, the video had racked up around 1.2m views.

People aren't exactly happy at him boosting inaccurate claims.

The Trump family were called "absurd".

People essentially said, "like father, like son".

With the election still too close to call, it seems the fact-checkers will be having to work around the clock while the Trump misinformation campaign is still in operation.

An unenviable job.

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