Esther McVey backs parents denying their kids LGBT+ inclusive sex and relationships education

Esther McVey backs parents denying their kids LGBT+ inclusive sex and relationships education

Tory MP and leadership hopeful Esther McVey has stirred controversy after saying that she backs parents who have taken their children out of LGBT+ education classes in primary schools.

Speaking to Sky News, the 51-year-old former cabinet minister was asked about the worsening protests outside schools in Birmingham and Manchester, where parents are forming daily demonstrations against LGBT+ inclusive lessons being taught in the establishments.

Education experts have warned that the situation could spread around the country if the government fails to intervene but, according to McVey, while the protests are wrong, she believes that parents should have the 'final say' on issues of this nature.

I believe parents know best for their children and whilst they are still children then really parents need to have the final say in what they want their children to know. 

People shouldn't be protesting outside of primary schools. That's young children going into school there. Everyone has to be a bit more adult, a little bit more grown up in what they do outside a primary school.

I'm being very clear. The final say is with the parents and if parents want to take their young children out of primary school, out of certain forms or sex education, relationship education that is down to them.

McVey's statement has prompted a furious backlash with many criticising her for backing the parents and essentially ignoring a child's right to an education, no matter the subject.

Others mentioned the Section 28 act from 1988, which prevented local authorities from 'intentionally promoting homosexuality'. The law passed under Thatcher's Conservative government.

Olly Alexander, from the band Years & Years, shared how valuable LGBT+ education would have been to him as a child in primary school.

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