Man who used fake arm for Covid jab says incident has ‘ruined my life’

Man who used fake arm for Covid jab says incident has ‘ruined my life’

The Italian dentist who tried to use a fake arm to get the Covid jab said the incident has “ruined his life.”

Guido Russo, 57, has allegedly been suspended from the Order of Doctors. However, it’s unclear whether it’s due to his views on vaccines or failed attempt to get a Green Pass, resulting in him being investigated for fraud.

“You ruined my life,” Russo told journalists. “Go Away. I’ll call the police.”

The dentist allegedly purchased the silicone arm off Amazon to get a health pass without getting the coronavirus vaccine. Italy now requires residents to show their “Super Green Pass”, proof of vaccination status, to enter venues such as nightclubs, restaurants, and theatres.

When Russo attended his appointment at the Biver Banca di Biella vaccination centre in Biella, a nurse soon became suspicious of his arm’s unusual texture.

Filippa Bua, 60, said: “At first I thought I made a mistake — that it was a patient with an artificial arm,”


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“I immediately realised that something was wrong. We are professionals, but such imaginative things had never happened to me,” she added.

“When I touched the arm to feel it before the injection, I realised it was rubber foam.”

When Russo was asked to show his whole arm, he complied.

Piemonte president Alberto Cirio released a joint statement with regional health chief Luigi Icardi and praised the nurse’s “promptness and skill” for stopping the dentist’s creative plan. He will now have to “respond to the judiciary.”

La Repubblica speculated that the same man may have tweeted a photo of a silicone bodysuit available for purchase on Amazon alongside the caption, “If I go with this, will they notice?

“Maybe beneath the silicone, I’ll even put on some extra clothes to avoid the needle reaching my real arm,” the Twitter user allegedly added.

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