Thomas Hicks (R) and wife Zoni (L)
Thomas Hicks (R) and wife Zoni (L)

While bees might be responsible for creating our beloved tea sweetener - they can also be lethal. While mowing the lawn at his home, a Texas man was attacked and killed by a swam of bees Monday. After Thomas Hicks, 70, was severely stung by a swarm of “aggressive bees, his body went into cardiac arrest, eventually killing him.

Hicks’ wife Zoni was also stung multiple times, and was removed from the house wearing firefighting gear to protect her. She was transported to the hospital where she is currently recovering.

Deadly honeybee hive discovered on property in Texas

According to a Facebook post from the Breckenridge Fire Department, when firefighters arrived along with sheriff’s deputies, they were “met with very aggressive bee activity.”

Zoni told BigCountryHomepage that she initially warned her husband about the bees before she went to the grocery store.

“I said honey please don’t go back in the back area, because those bees are back there,” she said. Thomas responded by saying: “I won’t, I promise.”

Breckenridge Fire Department responds to property swarmed with deadly Honeybees

When Zoni returned home from the store, she noticed Thomas jumping around and screaming, covered in bees.

“I mean you couldn’t even see his back and his whole head he was just covered in killer bees,” Zoni said.

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After Zoni and her husband were removed from their home, a local beekeeper eventually discovered a beehive in a tree containing approximately 60,000 honeybees. According to Joey Venekamp, the hive had been there for three years, according to KTXS.

Stings from Honeybees can be life-threatening to those allergic to their venom.

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