Ex-fitness instructor launches ‘Scotland’s first’ menstrual cup

<p>“Femcup is more than just a sanitary product,” according to founder Julie Fitzpatrick</p>

“Femcup is more than just a sanitary product,” according to founder Julie Fitzpatrick


A former pole fitness instructor has launched what is being dubbed Scotland’s first menstrual cup brand with £1 from each product sold going to local women’s charities.

Julie Fitzpatrick has founded Femcup in a bid to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary towels.

The 42-year-old from Glasgow previously owned a chain of pole fitness studios across Scotland but decided to start up her own menstrual cup company while studying for a nutritional therapy diploma.

She said: “Femcup is more than just a sanitary product.

“It has been created to offer a product that is safer for people’s bodies, better for the environment and a one purchase alternative for those in need who can’t afford or aren’t able to access sanitary products.”

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She continued: “Shockingly one in 10 of the 800 million people, daily, that have their period cannot afford menstrual care products, in many cultures causing them to miss out on schooling, education and work every month for fear of being ridiculed if they were to bleed through.

“In addition, there are immense health risks that come with using rags and cloths as an alternative which can lead to bacterial infections, infertility and possibly even death.”

Last year Scotland became the first country in the world to pass legislation making period products such as tampons and sanitary pads freely available to all to tackle period poverty.

Ms Fitzpatrick is now in the process of setting up a charity to support women and teenagers still facing problems getting products.

£1 from each product sold will go to local women’s charities

She added: “For people to be faced with these circumstances in this present day is unacceptable, which led me to also set up the charity Change4GlobalChange where £1 for every product purchased will go towards supporting women and children.

“The initial plan is to focus at a grassroots level, supporting Scottish women’s charities raising £20,000 from contributions from sales in year one, and supporting at least 10,000 individuals in the UK with their own cups.”

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