This former MP just claimed Coco Pops are racist and no one knows what to think

Former Labour Party MP Fiona Onasanya has called out the use of a monkey in advertising popular cereal brand, Coco Pops.

Onasanya took to Twitter on Monday evening to discuss the difference between how Coco Pops and Rice Krispies are advertised – the brown-coloured cereal with a monkey and the white coloured cereal with “three white boys”.

Onasanya also pointed out John Harvey Kellogg’s history in co-founding the Race Betterment Foundation – an organisation concerned about “race degeneracy” and the promotion of eugenics.

It’s true that Kellogg devoted the last 30 years of his life to the cause of eugenics – where an entirely discredited belief in white superiority in genetics was a commonly understood central tenet.

It was largely debunked as a "science" through its association with Nazism.

Some people agreed with the former MP’s views:

While others distanced themselves from the argument:

And even called it "ridiculous":

People also pointed out the use of the monkey on white Coco Pops boxes, as well as the use of the three boys on Coco Krispies:

Kelloggs is yet to publicly comment on Onasanya’s tweets.

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