Visitors to Florida have been made to feel unwelcome as a resident told “woke” New Yorkers to go home.

The angry Floridian resident targeted a number of cars, predominantly those with license plates from New York, that were parked on streets in the Palm Beach area.

Police said paper letters were left under their wipers with a note telling them to leave if their political views didn’t align with the views of the poster.

The message read: “If you are one of those ‘woke’ people – leave Florida. You will be happier elsewhere, as will we.”

The threatening text was typed up in all caps and printed off before being left on cars parked on Sunrise Avenue, Bradley Place and Seaview Avenue.

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New Yorkers regularly head to the seaside location of Palm Beach, Florida during the winter months as temperatures in the northeastern city regularly drop below zero.

Those who travel from northern regions to the south for warmer climes over the winter are given the nickname “snowbirds”.

But, clearly this Floridian has had enough and believes they are bringing their political ideology to the south.

Upon finding the threatening letter, concerned members of the public contacted the local Palm Beach police. They determined that a crime had not been committed with the posting of these messages, after a brief investigation.

Captain William Rothrock, Palm Beach Police Department’s public information officer, told The New York Post: “Residents were concerned about the lack of civility and respect for personal property. We understood that concern and that’s why we started to look into the matter but we determined … it was non-criminal in nature.

“As uncivil as it may be and not characteristic of our community, it is not a crime.”

A former New Yorker who now lives in Florida permanently told local news that these notes were concerning.

The anonymous resident told Palm Beach Daily News: “We have seen that there are many people willing to follow through on such dangerous and threatening messages.

“This behaviour is another sign that our democracy is in peril.”

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