Drone footage shows terrifying moment boy is surrounded by four sharks


Jaws was released in cinemas over 40 years ago but that doesn't mean that it is safe to go back into the water just yet.

Shark attacks are thankfully an exceedingly rare occurrence - so when one does happen, it tends to make headlines. Just last month a husband captured the moment his newlywed wife was attacked by a shark.

New footage has emerged from the Bahamas of a small boy narrowly avoiding four sharks while swimming in shallow water on a beach.

As soon as the boy jumps into the water the sharks seem attracted by the movement and begin swimming in his direction.

Fortunately for the boy drone operator Artem Tkachenko, who could see the sharks from his device, managed to avert any potential danger.

Artem uploaded the footage onto YouTube on 19 December and it has since attracted over 800,000 views.

Many commenters on the video speculate that the sharks could have just been reef or nurse sharks, and therefore will have been harmless.

Regardless, this is probably a case of being better safe than sorry.

Speaking to Inside EditionArtem said: "Thank God he heard me."


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