GB News producers resorted to 'booking their own parents' because of difficulties getting guests

Winston Churchill impersonator appears on GB News to mark funeral anniversary

GB News producers allegedly resorted to "booking their own parents" to get guests on its shows.

In a report about the channel The New Statesman quotes one producer as saying: “People just put the phone down,” meaning they had to rely on “the same low-rent guests rather than people with any particular expertise”.

The publication's report continues: "Several times a day, insiders told me, a producer would attempt to book someone, only to be told they’ve just been on a different GB News show. One presenter told me that producers had taken to booking their own parents."

"Someone will say, ‘My mum’s got a view on this.’ ‘Has she? Is she free?’ That’s happened at least twice,” the unnamed producer allegedly told the magazine.

It comes as GB News approaches its first anniversary after a chaotic year on air. The channel had some teething problems - to put it mildly - and it was plagued with prank calls, technical difficulties, advertising boycotts and Andrew Neil deciding he had had enough pretty early on.

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Since then it has platformed controversial takes from the likes of Nigel Farage and has even had a Winston Churchill impersonator on one of its shows, for some reason.

Still, we'd probably rather hear from someone's mum than Farage.

indy100 has contacted GB News to comment on this story.

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