These industries have almost closed the gender pay gap

These industries have almost closed the gender pay gap

Expert Market conducted research into European industries and gender pay gaps across Europe.

Data revealed that one of the quickest areas that women are closing the gender pay gap are the Sales and Service roles.

However, more surprising still, is that women working in managerial or professional/technical roles made up “Seven of the top twelve quickest closing pay gaps by job type".

By comparing the average hourly difference in pay of men and women, results found that women are still being paid between three to eight Euros, or £2 to £8 less than their male counterparts - though this is sometimes slightly more, other times slightly less.

Here's a map of the managerial results, with the darker the colour, the larger the pay gap:

A number of countries are set to close the pay gap in managerial roles as early as 2017, for example: Latvia, with its pay gap difference of €1.50.

Elsewhere; Slovenia has a pay gap of €2.13 which is set to close in 2018, while Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Denmark have a tentative date set for 2022.

The UK remains one of the poorest performing nations, however, and Expert Market writes:

Even the most optimistic of potential closure rates saw women working in Britain not set to close the gender pay gap until 2031 even when working a Sales or Service role.

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