German man who has children with his sister fights to make incest legal

German man who has children with his sister fights to make incest legal
Rape and incest victims have six weeks to get abortion, says Texas ...

A German man who had had four children with his sister is calling for an end to the laws that ban their relationship.

In the past, Patrick Stuebing, 44, claimed an incest conviction breached his human rights with his younger sister Susan Karolewski, 37

Stuebing was adopted as a child and did not meet his sibling until he tracked down his biological family in his 20s.

According to Daily Mail, he then moved into their mother's home and Stuebing and Karolewski started having sex a month after they met.

Shortly following that, they began pursuing a romantic relationship.

The couple, who are continuing to defend their relationship, went on to have four children between 2001 and 2005. Two of their kids are disabled.

Per the outlet, Stuebing previously said the following about his relationship with his sister, "'We do not feel guilty about what has happened between us. We want the law which makes incest a crime to be abolished.'

Stuebing was the third of eight children. He has recalled his violent father, who is now dead, and said that he once attacked him with a knife when he was three, He was made a ward of court and then adopted.

Speaking of their children, Stuebing said, "Two of our children are disabled. But that is not necessarily anything to do with the fact that we are siblings."

"There are other disabled people in our family. We had six brothers and sisters who did not survive in some cases because they were disabled," he added.

The two were tried for incest in 2002 when the district court in Leipzig heard how Stuebing "had only at the beginning bothered using condoms."

Stuebing then received a year's suspended jail term after being found guilty on all counts. Karolewski was treated as a juvenile and placed into the care of youth services.

Later on, when they had two more children, the court sentenced Stuebing to ten months in prison.

They once again found themselves in court in 2005 on account of their other daughters and Stuebing was sentenced to two and a half years for re-committing incest.

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