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The Sommers family from Dayton, Ohio have quite the lineage at one particular Catholic school in the city.

The three children of the family, DJ, Sarah and Jake have all attended the elementary school over the years.

Every year their parents, Paul and Mary like to get the teachers a little gift for Christmas as a token of thanks for educating their kids.

Usually, it's only something small but this year they decided to do something a little different and got creative.

They brought each of them a bottle of chardonnay but replaced the labels with a goofy picture of their youngest Jake, who is said to be a bit of a "school clown."

DJ shared a few pictures of the bottles on Twitter and the hilarious nature of the story soon went viral.

In case you can't quite see the labels read "Our child might be the reason you drink. So enjoy this bottle on us."

Speaking to BuzzFeedWendy said:

He's been there a long time.

The teachers deserve the wine, that’s all I’m going to say.

None of the teachers were shocked by it.

Luckily for Jake, he didn't feel like he had been publicly shamed and reportedly saw the funny side.

DJ's tweet has since picked up over 6,000 retweets since it was initially posted last week and it looks as if they weren't the first people to have this idea.

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