Juan Joya Borja, the guy from the ‘laughing Spanish man’ meme has died

Clara Hill@clara_ish
Thursday 29 April 2021 09:06

‘The Spanish Laughing Guy” meme has sadly died aged 65 after what newspapers called a “long illness.”

Better known in his native Spain by his real name Juan Joya Borja, he was a well-known internet personality and comedian and had been admitted to hospital in 2020.

He acquired his nickname El Ristas, translated to English as “The Giggles” because of his unique laugh and got his big break on the Spanish variety show Ratones Colorades. He showcased his beloved laugh after a hilarious anecdote about throwing dishes into the sea while working when he was younger, which he was unable to get through because he was laughing so much.

The show posted the clip to their YouTube page that year, gaining traction in Spain, but the meme came around about ten years later in 2014. People took the clip and made the subtitles applicable to whatever joke they wanted to tell.

However, he took many forms such as laughing at Brexiteers and Flat Earthers.

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Borja was there to help you laugh at any difficult situation you encountered, he helped capture that beautiful moment when you are telling a magical story and it’s too funny to get through.

May all our lives be blessed with lots of moments like that.