Glenn Beck is fighting Ebola with chocolate sauce and catchy songs

First Glenn Beck published a song full of helpful tips to help us keep Ebola-free (featuring lyrics such as "and if you want to calm your fear/put down that glass of diarrhoea").

Now he has tried to demonstrate how quickly Ebola spreads, in a segment accurately described as "horrifying" on the website of Beck's independent news network The Blaze.

In it, the former Fox News host gets suited-up in full protective gear and uses a slingshot filled with spaghetti and chocolate sauce to try to simulate how health workers in Texas were exposed to Ebola, apparently following official guidelines as he does so.

"I understand compassion," he says, convincingly. "[But] if you're a nurse did you think you were going to sign up for Ebola, sign up for this?"

Beck then attempts to get out of the suit while covered in the spaghetti/chocolate sauce mix, which signifies projectile vomit/diarrhoea saying: "I've got Ebola on me.. what do I do with my Ebola?"

He added "I can feel it on my pants" before simulating returning home and passing the virus on to his dog and partner.

"The entire segment must be watched to be fully understood," the Blaze insists. We have watched all 13 minutes, and can assure you that it still does not make sense.

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