Glossier accidentally gave everyone 50 per cent off all their makeup and nobody knows why

Glossier accidentally gave everyone 50 per cent off all their makeup and nobody knows why
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The internet entered an utter state of frenzy this week as news spread that makeup brand Glossier were selling all of their products at half price.

Word got around that you could get the huge discount for absolutely no reason. Those that typed “friendsofglossier” as they checked out were able to get 50 per cent off everything they ordered, no questions asked.

To say it made an impact online would be an understatement – the author of this post is now £35 worse off for it.

Nobody knows who or what was responsible for it all, because the code had received zero official promotion from the actual company. No website advertising, no Instagram posts, nothing. Speculation has led some to believe it was either a poorly kept secret, successful marketing stunt, or a total accident.

With some of their pricier makeup sets retailing at £50 or more, thousands of people made the most of the offer until it mysteriously ‘expired’ later this afternoon.

Famed for their skincare and staple brow products, Glossier is the go-to brand for those that like an understated, dewy look. If misapplied you can sort of look like you’ve doused your face in vaseline, but that’s part of the fun.

Here’s how the site looked at the time.

A lot of people had the UK’s imminent lifting of Covid-19 restrictions on their minds while they were making their purchases.

It’s a nice reward for an otherwise testing year.

Others were a little in the dark about what they’d actually bought, but took the plunge anyway. You know, self care and everything.

Some are worried it’s a hoax and that all of our orders will get cancelled when someone at Glossier HQ realises what they’ve done. You know how the saying goes - when something sounds like it’s too good to be true, it normally isn’t.

Our hearts hurt for the ones whose baskets didn’t quite make it in time.

And those that didn’t get involved just sat back and watched the mayhem unfold.

Glossier told Indy100:“Earlier today, we learned that a 50% off discount code had leaked and was being widely circulated on social media (along with some very clever memes).

“We didn’t mean for that to happen, and it caused quite the frenzy for our team, with our newly launched Beauty Bag even going out of stock in the UK and EU. The code has since been deactivated, and we’ll be honoring the orders that were successfully placed with the discount. We hope everyone enjoys their Glossier!”

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