Highland Park shooting: Police arrest suspected gunman after six killed at Chicago ...

As Americans celebrated Independence Day yesterday, Google’s exploding firework animation took on a darker meaning after a mass shooting at a parade.

The animation of red, white and blue fireworks exploding in the shape of the United States flag appeared over the top of news stories about the massacre in Highland Park, Illinois.

At least six people were killed and at least 30 suffered injuries after a gunman on a rooftop opened fire on an Independence Day parade where families had gathered for the festivities.

After a long manhunt, a 22-year-old suspect named Robert 'Bobby' Crimo III was taken into police custody on Monday evening.

Marking the 4th July and other important dates with animations and doodles is a Google tradition. But this year, the cheery firework animation soon felt quite dark after the tragic events.

One person tweeted a screen recording of the animation appearing over breaking news stories and wrote: “God bless America.”

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People responded to the video highlighting that it may be ironic, but it’s also, unfortunately, true.

One person commented: “The nauseating, algorithmic truth.”

Another claimed: “Mass shootings are more American than Apple Pie. This is both awful and fitting *sigh*.”

Someone else asked: “I mean, where is the lie in this?”

Following news of the mass shooting, Google took down the celebratory animation early, according to the Daily Mail.

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