Grandpa gives granddaughter manicure after surgery in heartwarming video

A story of a grandfather’s love has gone viral, and it’s warming the hearts of everyone on the internet.

Recently, 20-year-old Ayla Winter-White underwent surgery. To make her “feel better”, her 82-year-old grandpa Keith came over to paint her nails.

Winter-White shared a video of the sweet gesture on Twitter, where it has since been liked more than 1m times.

In the video, Keith stays focused at the task at hand, telling his wife Margaret: “I’ve got an important job at the moment,” before asking his granddaughter: “How many coats do you have on?”

If that weren’t adorable enough, Winter-White also revealed that her grandfather knows how to give manicures because “he’s been painting my nan’s nails for 30 years”.

On social media, people have been understandably overwhelmed with love for the 82-year-old, who, according to Winter-White, also acts as his wife’s personal photographer.

“I would die for this man,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” someone else tweeted.

Fortunately, Winter-White is willing to share.

On Instagram, the 20-year-old responded to the overwhelming support with photos of herself and her grandfather, which she captioned: ‘Instagram, meet the man of the moment, aka ‘our’ & the world’s ‘cutest’ & ‘best’ granddad.”

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