Fans are convinced that a new GTA 6 trailer may be dropping imminently

Fans are convinced that a new GTA 6 trailer may be dropping imminently
Vice City might be about to look a whole lot better than this Unreal Engine 5 fan teaser

Gaming fans have spent months getting excited about the sixth edition of the Grand Theft Auto franchise – and now they think a new trailer is coming in the next few days.

Yet another leak posted on social media has convinced people that Rockstar Games could drop the official trailer for GTA VI at some point before Tuesday 5 December.

A widely followed gaming data monitor, posting under the name Tez2 on X/Twitter, said there is a two-week event running until 12 December for the popular GTA Online edition of the game.

The person pointed out that, prior to the official trailer forRed Dead Redemption 2, the last hotly anticipated game made by Rockstar, the company “skipped a week” to focus people’s attention on the trailer release.

It said: “End of next week is likely reserved for GTAO DLC. So we can expect VI trailer either on Friday, during the weekend or on Tuesday at most.”

As ever, gaming fans were extremely calm and collected in the replies, with one person posting: “WE WAITED OVER A DECADE FOR THESE TIMES AND NOW WE'RE CLOSE THIS IS INSANE.”

Another said: “I’m so excited cause I have no life besides GTA and YouTube! I plan on spending the next 10 years playing this game everyday and making videos! Until GTA7!”

And a third said: “It’s actually happening. years of torture but we’re actually close.”

It’s worth pointing out to non-gamers that this isn’t even the release of the game – just the trailer. People sure do love the GTA series.

The frenzy follows widespread speculation that Rockstar has all but “confirmed” Vice City as the setting of the game.

Of course, there's been no official confirmation of the game's setting or any further details as fans await a hotly-anticipated trailer in early December, but a number of big leaks have pointed directly to GTA 6 following up on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with a trip to the Sunshine State.

With only 'unofficial' signs pointing to Vice City, fans have taken a recent post from Rockstar Games as a pre-trailer confirmation that the GTA series is heading back to Florida, and that the map will be based around Vice City.

An X account, GTA 6 Trailer Countdown, posted a capture of a Rockstar Games with the following message:

"Rockstar Games just dropped some merch including “IVC” sticker and Vice City-themed socks ahead of the GTA 6 reveal in December."

For now, it seems like all signs point towards a Vice City comeback judging on the leaks that have already occurred, and a return that should be announced very soon.

In the meantime, you can pick up your Vice City merch here.

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