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Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow took her controversial Goop health summit to New York City this weekend - and it was quite odd.

The one-day event, which cost visitors between $650-2000, included all sorts of health treatments and spiritual healing.

According to Page Six, some of the activities included 10-hour meditation, "non-toxic" spa remedies, tarot readings, shopping and an anti-ageing LED face mask.

During the event the 45-year-old actress was quoted as saying:

Our mission is to really open doors and help ourselves and others really get close to what their purpose might be.

We’re brave, we’re not afraid to ask questions. We like to shine light on things.

Those in attendance at the event included other famous actresses like Drew Barrymore, Laura Linney and Chelsea Handler.

Away from the stars, there were several others individuals who had previously aired controversial medical views.

For example, Dr Kelly Brogan is alleged to have written on her blog in 2014 that it is disputable that HIV leads to AIDS and that cholesterol causes heart disease.

She has also reportedly written about a conspiracy that drug companies are brainwashing the public for profit.

Brogan chose not to comment on either of those things on Saturday and instead spoke in broad terms about the dangers of medication.

Another speaker was nutritionist Deanna Minich who apparently told those in attendance that eating green foods could help prevent grief.

Elsewhere, the medium Laura Lynne Jackson claimed that death didn't exist, while the author Anita Moorjani spoke about her "near-death experience."

Moorjani is quoted as saying:

I knew I was meant to live. I was deserving and worthy of having my health.

It's easier being dead than it is alive.

The report from Page Six claimed that people in attendance that they spoke to were sceptical about what was said at the event.

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