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One of this year’s most popular kids’ toys has a bit of a swearing problem.

Hatchimals live in a plastic egg before eventually “hatching” and becoming interactive and response to touch.

Then it appears they go through Hachimal puberty and rebel.

A few of the little critters have been recorded saying "f**k me", in front of rather confused parents.

Apparently the little devices can repeat words they "hear" around them, but parents are denying that the toys have picked up the language from them.

News channel KGUN9 reported:

And people have posted evidence of the toy's weird quirk:

Some people have said the toys are actually saying "hug me", or repeating words that they hear.

The makers behind the cute toy deny they're doing either of these things, and say the toys have their own unique language.

It turns out the cute little Hatchimal isn’t so cute after all.

We're wondering what happens if you feed them after midnight...

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