Hillary Clinton used her electoral college vote to get rid of Trump and her reaction was priceless
Hans Pennink/Pool via REUTERS

Four years ago Donald Trump caused the biggest upset in political history when he defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Four years later she cast a vote as a member of New York’s electoral college which effectively ousted Trump from the White House and confirmed Joe Biden as the president elect. 

Back in October, on the eve of the election, Clinton confirmed that she was an elector for New York state. Speaking to Sirius XM the former Democratic nominee said, "I'm an elector in New York. I'm sure I'll get to vote for Joe (Biden) and (Sen. Kamala Harris) in New York. So, that's pretty exciting."

Indeed she was an elector and she was in attendance along with her husband Bill, New York governor Andrew Cuomo at the state's other 28 electors on Monday to cast her electoral college vote for Biden.

Political writer Alex Mohajer hailed the moment as ‘poetic justice’ for Clinton. He wrote on Twitter The poetic justice of seeing@HillaryClinton, The 2016 popular vote winner who was denied her presidency in the electoral college, cast her electoral college vote today to make Donald Trump a one-term president is not at all lost on me."

Clinton who is an active presence on social media, responded to Mohajer’s tweet saying that he was correct and that ‘it felt pretty poetic.’

Despite this Clinton has renewed her calls for the electoral college, the system which decides who has won each election in the US, to be abolished. In a tweet posted on Monday, after she had cast her vote, Clinton said that the winner should be decided by the popular vote.

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