This incredible graphic shows you just how deep the ocean really is
Neal Agarwal

An incredible graphic shows us just how deep the ocean really is.​

The graphic, created by creative coder Neal Agarwal, takes us on a wild dive to show in real terms – by scrolling and scrolling, and scrolling – just how deep the ocean is.

As you scroll down, you go deeper and deeper into the ocean… ok keep scrolling… yup keep going, further, still further…

Here’s a short list of some of the amazing things you will discover:

  • Just how deep elephant seals can dive – it’s so much deeper than you can imagine! 
  • What a sea angel is.
  • The deepest point any human has ever scuba dived to. 
  • A fish that lives up to 200 years in absolute darkness (and you thought lockdown was driving you stir crazy!)
  • A squidworm. Is it a squid or is it a worm? 

And most importantly, what’s at the bottom?

The graphic proves that life can survive at unimaginable such depths, and in the harshest environments.

If a fish can live for 200 years in complete darkness, miles under the sea, then you can make it through anything.

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