Box of human heads stolen from a truck in Denver

Box of human heads stolen from a truck in Denver
Box of human heads stolen from medical truck in Denver

A box of human heads stolen from a truck used to transport body parts for research was discovered in a Colorado neighborhood.

In a report from Fox News KDVR, Denver's Central Park neighbourhood is a family-oriented community, with many people getting their kids off the bus and walking around with their dogs.

And when people in the community found out about the situation, they were in "disgust and shock."

"Pretty shocking. I guess I don't see too many strange things happening around here usually," said Isaac Fields, a man who moved to the community three years ago who regularly takes his dog, Margot, out for walks in the park.

Denver Police say the incident occurred on Thursday at 11 a.m. near 23rd Avenue. Someone reportedly "broke into a box truck, took a dolly and a box" containing human remains.

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Sources notified KDVR/KWCN that it was a blue and white cardboard box that was

20 x 15 x18 inches and labelled "Science Care" on all sides.

Science Care is a program for the donation of bodies to science to help surgeons and physicians be trained on the best ways to create "safer and effective treatments for patients."

And once the box was opened, human heads were present.

"My wife actually does Ph.D. research at The University of Colorado Anschutz," Fields continued to tell the outlet. "So cadavers are definitely utilised in certain situations, and I'm assuming that was probably the case."

Fields, just like anybody else, had a series of questions such as "where was the truck headed," "who was driving," and who would steal something like this."

As of now, no arrests have been made, but police are urging anyone to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers (720) 913-STOP (7867) if they have any information regarding the suspect(s).

This isn't the only time human remains have been discovered out in the open.

A fisherman in Siberia found 27 pairs of human hands “severed at the wrist and stuffed into a bag.” But authorities weren’t too worried due to a lesser-known “custom of chopping off limbs of unknown bodies for forensic and medical reasons.”

Indy100 reached out to Science Care and Denver Police for further comment.

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