Ice-cream topped with ‘edible litter’ launches to highlight plastic plight of ocean

<p>The <em>Kraken Ice Clean </em>will be available at several locations throughout the UK this August</p>

The Kraken Ice Clean will be available at several locations throughout the UK this August


According to the international marine conservation charity, PADI AWARE, it would take more than 16.7 million years to remove all plastic pollution from the world’s oceans.

To raise awareness of the detrimental impact of litter, the charity has joined forces with Kraken rum to provide a creative twist to aid the organisation’s work – The Kraken Ice Clean.

It would take the equivalent of over six ice ages to remove every piece of plastic from the ocean Kraken

The edible protest treat acts as a polite and delicious reminder to recycle, and to properly dispose of litter, this summer.

The limited-edition dessert is the perfect summer cocktail concoction that boasts zesty lime flavours complete with peppery ginger notes. Not only is it bursting with tropical flavours, but it is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

The rich black ice cream is topped with intricate 3D-printed edible toppings that represent the top polluters in the ocean, such as plastic bags, milk cartons and aluminium cans.

Edible plastic bags, single-use cutlery, milk cartons, plastic bottles, plastic ring-pulls and aluminium cans will top the ice cream Kraken

Ian Amos, operations coordinator at PADI AWARE Foundation, said: “We’re delighted that we can once again join forces for good. Every pound you spend on this delicious Kraken rum ice cream pays the way for clean-ups, so the choice is yours: if you like The Kraken rum, ice cream and all ocean-dwelling creatures great and small, then join the protest today!“

Kraken has also concocted a devilishly delectable The Kraken Rum Freaky Tiki Punch. Mimicking the flavours of the ice cream, the cocktail will allow those at home to ‘toast to progress’ and celebrate the hard work PADI AWARE Foundation.

The collaboration is encouraging the UK to tuck into the thought-provoking Kraken Ice Clean. For just a £1 donation to PADI AWARE, you can help aid their mission to reduce ocean debris by half within the next decade.

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to PADI AWARE FoundationKraken

The Kraken Ice Clean will be available at several locations throughout the UK this August:

Manchester - Friday 13th August

Leeds - Saturday 14th August

Glasgow - Saturday 21st August

London - Saturday 28th August & Sunday 29th August

Brighton - Monday 30th August

To find out more about The Kraken’s ‘Ice Clean’, please visit The Kraken Rum’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. To donate to PADI AWARE Foundation, please visit

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