Whilst her father has endured a week of worrying about the future of his presidency and going on expletive-laden Twitter rants, his daughter Ivanka, enjoyed a week in Africa.

The advisor to the president spent four days in Africa visiting both Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast as part of a White House program to provide economic boosts to women in developing countries.

The visit included a host of carefully choreographed interactions with local women and meetings with businesses and politicians but her Twitter account was perhaps the most eye-opening thing of the entire trip.

In response to a tweet by NBC News reporter Mac William Bishop, she said "it was my privilege' to have met a group of Ivorian women and to have danced with them.

If this had come from literally anyone else besides a member of the Trump family then it's unlikely anyone would have batted an eyelid.

Yet the fact that it is Ivanka, who has virtually had her life handed to her on a plate and only has her current job thanks to her dad, it proved a little hard to stomach for some and she soon found herself being ridiculed on Twitter.

Other jokes literally wrote themselves.

Some thanked Ivanka for finally speaking the truth.

It's also perfectly possible that not all the women pictured with Ivanka were that happy to see her.

Her farewell tweet to the Ivory Coast was a little weird too.

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