The world reacts to far-right Jair Bolsonaro winning Brazil's presidential election

The world reacts to far-right Jair Bolsonaro winning Brazil's presidential election

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro has won Brazil's presidential election.

Bolsonaro won 55 per cent of the votes cast against 45 per cent for his left-wing opponent Fernando Haddad. Bolsonaro campaigned on an anti-corruption platform and a promise to eradicate crime.

His victory constitutes a swing to the political right. Following the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff in 2016, the country has been led by conservative Michel Temer, who has been unpopular.

Bolsonaro is a deeply divisive figure whose remarks on a range of issues, such as an apparent support for torture and hostility towards refugees, LGBT+ people and women, earned him the nickname of "Trump of the Tropics".

He has even said he is "in favour of dictatorship" and indicated that he supports developing on protected indigenous lands – which scientists claim would be a disaster for climate change. He also wants to relax gun laws so “every honest citizen” can own a gun.

Following his victory, the world has reacted strongly to the news. Trump wasted no time in getting on the phone, which didn't go down well with Bolsonaro's critics.

Given Bolsonaro's insistence that "no father is proud of having a gay son" and that he "couldn't love" a gay son, people have been sending love to Brazil's LGBT+ community.

Others highlighted that Bolsonaro's support came mostly from white communities.

British politicians David Lammy MP had strong words of condemnation.

Others expressed dismay at the president-elect's climate policies.

Amnesty International has said that his campaign pledge makes Bolsonaro a "huge risk" to Brazil's LGBT+ communities, indigenous population, women, ethnic minorities and activists.


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