James Blunt responds to an inappropriate tweet in the best way possible

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For those of you following James Blunt on social media, you will know just how witty the singer is, frequently making excellent points in response to his fans and cracking some jokes.

Which is why it may come as no surprise that the mastermind behind everyone's favourite Naughties ballad "You're Beautiful" is at it again, with yet another hilarious Twitter exchange.

Responding to a post sent by a fan who asked if Blunt "banged" in a room that his newly-married sister was staying in at a villa in Sri Lanka, the 44-year-old only responded with:

Sadly not. I had a dodgy tummy that night and sh** the bed. Do send them my regards.

Here is the amusing exchange:

Turns out his response, whether true or not, might not have been appreciated – but it's still hilarious.

Needless to say, other Twitter users loved it.

But to prove that Blunt is no stranger to Twitter banter, here is an honourable collection of some of is best social media moments.

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