Jay-Z reveals why he and Beyoncé named their twins Rumi and Sir

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When Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their new twins into the world a few months ago, people were very confused about the name of their son.

Sir Carter isn't exactly the most straight forward name to comprehend - but then again, he and his sister Rumi did appear in the greatest Instagram post ever, so who are we to judge?

People have been desperately trying to figure out if Sir Carter is the baby's full name, or if it's simply just Sir.

Sir Carter would makes sense, given that Jay-Z's actually name is Shawn Carter.

However, this debate has sparked conspiracy theories galore about what Jay-Z's last name could actually be... It all started to get very complicated.

Now the debate might finally have been put to bed by the rapper himself, when he revealed the reason behind the name

Appearing on the Rap Radar podcast, the 47-year-old explained:

Sir was like, man, come out the gate.

He carries himself like that.

He just came out, like, Sir

So, there you go, straight from the man himself.

As for their daughter Rumi, the name was inspired by a famous 13th century poet of the same name.

Jay-Z added:

Rumi is our favorite poet, so it was for our daughter.

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