Having failed in his bid to become London mayor, a bored Laurence Fox has decided to spend his time tweeting absolute nonsense.

He has previously moaned about England players taking the knee, sang about his hatred of face masks and shouted at traffic lights.

And this time, the former actor has been roasted for posting a Venn diagram on the site which left people scratching their heads.

The diagram shows 12 dystopian novels overlapping and suggests that society as it stands represents an amalgamation of the worlds depicted in these books.

Books he chose included Lord of the Flies, 1984, Clockwork Orange and a Handmaid’s Tale, despite the fact that we are not even close to some of the themes these novels explore, like societal surveillance and... being stranded on a desert island.

And people said just that, as they rushed to inform him that he was being ridiculous.

Some people told him that he didn’t know how Venn diagrams worked and others thought he hadn’t read the books he had included.

In general, people couldn’t believe Fox seriously thinks that we are living in a mash-up of 12 extreme dystopian situations.

If he does, then surely he’s a complete snowflake...

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