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Arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has come out in support of Theresa May's deal, and Pro-Brexit campaigners Leave.EU are not happy about the situation.

In his latest podcast for the ConservativeHome.com, he laid out his arguments for supporting May's Brexit deal, essentially because he thinks that it's either May's deal, or no Brexit at this stage.

And wow, don't we all know he's desperate for Brexit.

In a tweet with a link to his podcast, he wrote:

The choice seems to be Mrs May’s deal or no Brexit.

However, many Twitter users, including the official Leave.EU Twitter account took issue with the argument, referencing the multiple times in the past that Rees-Mogg has argued against May's deal.

In one tweet, they wrote:

And in another, they highlighted Jacob Rees-Mogg outlining exactly why he didn't support May's Withdrawal Agreement, the exact one he's now agreed to support:

She hasn't so much struck a deal as surrendered to Brussels. It's not the vassal state anymore, it's the slave state.

This isn't the first time Rees-Mogg has made an embarrassing U-turn regarding Brexit. The renegade collective Led By Donkeys recently dug up one of Rees-Mogg's old tweets, and emblazoned it on a huge sign installed in Bristol, that read:

We could have two referendums. 

As it happens, it might make more sense to have the second referendum after the renegotiation is complete. 

Well, that's a tad awkward, isn't it, Mogg?

Others took issue with the argument that May's deal is 'definitely not worse than Remain'.

And at the Brexit infighting.

When will it stop...?

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