South Park episode shows 'transphobic' character competing in women's competition
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Tory MP Lee Anderson has been "reported to the Police and the Conservatives" for a "clear-cut hate crime" following transphobic remarks about Labour politician Eddie Izzard, who identifies as a woman.

The MP for Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, told Talk TV he "would not follow him into the toilets" if she came to parliament, and even said Keir Starmer "is not sure what he’s all about".

Councillor David Hennigan, who represents Central Sutton and New Cross on Ashfield District Council made the complaint to the Met Police and new Conservative Party Chairman, Nadhim Zahawi. Hennigan has also requested that the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police investigated the matter.

During Anderson's appearance on the show, he said: "… I think [Labour] have got 51 per cent of their MPs now, in Parliament, are females.

"Now, if Eddie Izzard gets elected, I don’t know whether that increases or decreases the percentage. Because I’m not sure what he’s all about, Keir Starmer’s not sure what he’s all about.

"And you know what, the old traditional working-class Labour voters will take a look at Eddie Izzard and think, y’know, is that what’s coming to Parliament?

He continued: "I’m going to be honest now, controversial as always, if he does get elected and I’m still here, I shouldn’t be following him into the toilets."

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Councillor Hennigan said Anderson had "overstepped the mark this time," before describing the Tory MP as having "the morals of a 1970 working man's club comedian."

Hennigan said: "His comments on Talk TV, then shared on his social media account were abhorrent and ignorant. I have taken the step of writing to both the new Conservative Party Chairman, Nadeem Zahawi MP and the Met Police asking for a formal investigation.

"People in Ashfield are quite rightly disgusted by the continued controversies caused by Lee Anderson. He has the morals of a 1970 working man’s club comedian.

He added: "It is appalling and I believe his comments constitute a hate crime. It is clear-cut. It should be investigated. I don’t share Eddie Izzard’s politics but she should be not be vilified and bullied for having the ambition to be a Labour MP. Politics can be and should be better than this."

Eddie Izzard launched her bid this month to become Sheffield Central’s MPGetty Images

In response to Anderson's comments, Izzard told PA news agency: "Some people aren’t up to speed, some people haven’t joined the 21st century and, well, they’ve got to get on the bus now because I’ve been out for so long now that I don’t know why they didn’t bring this up before.

"It’s different now that I’m going for a parliamentary seat, but I don’t think bullying is a great thing to be happening and so I’m just going to carry on."

Indy100 reached out to Lee Anderson for comment.

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