95-year-old twins share their very NSFW secret of living so long

95-year-old twins share their very NSFW secret of living so long

In much needed news to brighten up the country, 95-year-old twins Lil Cox and Doris Hobday have revealed the secret to a long and happy life – sex.

The twins, who are the oldest set in the UK, were speaking to GMB hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid via webcam.

Morgan asked:

What is the secret of living so long and so well?

Lil, pointing to her sister, responded:

Plenty of sex!

A mortified Doris nudged her sister and told her to stop talking but it was too late – Morgan was already in stitches, while Reid looked like she’d seen a ghost.

The NSFW interview didn’t stop there though.

Morgan then asked about Lil’s crush, Jason Statham, to which she replied:

One night with him and I’d die happy.

Reid and Morgan erupted into screams of laughter, as Lil admitted she’s “coming onto” Morgan now.

Later in the interview, the pair were asked if they would be romantically interested in 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore – who has raised more than £32 million for NHS charities by completing 100 laps of his garden – Lil curtly responded:

I want thrilling, not killing.

The twins also offered some advice for people struggling during lockdown. They told people to “make the best of everything” and “show plenty of love”.

The endearing twins caused waves of love across social media, with many not being able to contain their laughter:

Can we just watch a live stream of Lil and Doris for the rest of lockdown please?

Watch the full interview:

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