Politics has become quite the fashion statement in recent years.

Just last month, the likes of Karlie Kloss were criticised for sporting designer boots, priced at $650, that entreated onlookers to ‘VOTE’.

But some fashionable statements go down better than others.

Like the way singer Lizzo’s outfit was received last night at the Billboard Music Awards.

The musician accepted her award for Top Songs Sales Artist in a classic little black dress – with a twist.

Emblazoned across the fabric in block capital was the word ‘VOTE’ – clearly in reference to the upcoming US election.

People praised Lizzo’s decision to send a message.

She was applauded for “using her platform”.

There were even jokes about the power of her styling.

And she was quickly labelled an "inspiration".

Lizzo’s speech also struck home for many.

"I've been thinking a lot about suppression and the voices the refused to be suppressed. I wonder would I be standing here by now if it weren't for the big, Black women who refused to have their voices be suppressed?" she said, accepting her award.

"If you're at home watching this and you're thinking about changing yourself to feel worthy, this your sign to remain true to who you are," she told viewers at home.

"When people try to suppress something, it's normally because that thing holds power. They're afraid of your power. There's power in who you are. There's power in your voice, so whether it's through music, protest or your right to vote — use your power, use your voice, and refuse to be suppressed”.

Now that’s a message.

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