Louis Vuitton baffles fashion world with human leg illusion boots worth $2.5k

Louis Vuitton baffles fashion world with human leg illusion boots worth $2.5k
Pharrell Williams makes Louis Vuitton debut at Paris Men's Fashion Week
Louis Vuitton

French fashion brand Louis Vuitton has left the fashion world baffled with new human leg illusion boots that cost almost $25000.

From the viral Big Red Boots by MSCHF to Balenciaga’s $925 bath towel skirt, fashion has certainly seen some eyebrow-raising product releases in recent times.

Following on from their microscopic handbag, Louis Vuitton has shocked people once again with the release of a heeled boot that looks like a fake leg.

The LV Illusion Ankle Boot is designed to look like someone wearing a pair of black heels with white socks on. They come in two lengths – ankle-high and knee-high – and are available in two different skin tones.

The rather interesting boots debuted at Louis Vuitton's A/W show and are now retailing at a staggering $2,470 (£1,956).

According to the website, they are designed as a nod to the “Surrealist art movement”. The illusion is “painted by hand to create the illusion of a ribbed sock worn inside a black shoe” on the supple calfskin material.

The boots caused quite a stir on Instagram where people debated the look of the new boots and where the fashion industry lies.

One person argued: “The big red boots really messed up the fashion game.”

Another person joked: “Every 32-year-old single white woman in New York will own three of these.”

“Make it stop,” one person begged.

Someone else committed: “When you start running out of ideas.”

Another wrote: “This is ridiculous!!!”

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