Photo of a man with his daughter sparks debate about fatherhood and masculinity

Photo of a man with his daughter sparks debate about fatherhood and masculinity

The internet loves to turn innocuous things into a debate.

Like the sweet photo of a father and his daughter wearing matching tutus which sparked an intense discussion about fatherhood and masculinity.

As if it’s anyone else’s business but theirs, but anyway, the internet had a thing or two to say about it...

Twitter user DeShaun Rose posted a photo of anonymous father and daughter in black tutus and trainers, alongside the caption: “Thoughts on this? Fellas would you do this for your daughter?”

Some people asserted immediately, that they would not, offensively referring to the act of a man wearing clothing traditionally associated with women as “gay”.

How sad and wrong.

Others also voiced reluctance to wear a skirt but did feel comfortable taking their own daughters on a “date’ to show them how “real men” act.

Urm, OK…

However, many more replies rejected the sad version of masculinity that some people seemed to subscribe to and asked what was such a big deal about a man wearing a tutu to make his child smile.

One father posted a picture of himself and his daughter dressed up as fairies and beaming away, writing “We go hard for our daughters!’

Another recounted the many traditionally feminine activities he’d engaged in for his little girl, saying life was “too short not to put a smile” on his child’s face.

Someone else pledged to do it for any of their kids.

Whereas another dad joked that he actually preferred his tutus with “more tulle”.

And it was pointed out that the best form of masculinity is a positive, open one.

Tutus out everyone!

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