Marcus Rashford's incredible campaign to have school meal vouchers for disadvantaged kids made free during the summer holidays has made him a hero to many who wouldn't have previously followed his exploits as a footballer.

The Manchester United and England star successfully managed to convince the government to U-turn on their decision to cancel the scheme. The initiative was also backed by charities and the Labour Party. Boris Johnson did later claim that he hadn't heard of Rashford's campaign until the actual day that the government made its decision but at least he knew what the 22-year-old's name was.

That, unfortunately, can't be said for the health secretary Matt Hancock, who during an appearance on Sky News' Kay Burley Show on Wednesday morning, got Rashford's name completely wrong. When detailing how the government came to their decision he said:

Right-o, I’ll tell you what happened, the Prime Minister talked to Daniel Rashford, he considered it and made his decision. I think it’s terrific.


Firstly, it's not like Rashford is some sort of unknown quantity in the British media. He's been playing for England and Manchester United since 2016 and his school meal campaign has been plastered everywhere. Also, it's not like Hancock isn't a football fan. He's a Newcastle United supporter who Rashford has played and scored against.

Soon was soon flooded with jokes following Hancock's inexplicable gaffes and here are some of of the funniest. Prepare for some very niche football gags.

Even Burley called Hancock out.

Hancock's bizarre grudge with footballers, who he has bemoaned several times during the coronavirus pandemic, was also brought up.

Thankfully Rashford saw the funny side. When replying to Gary Lineker about Hancock's botch he admitted that he'd been called much worse.

Bizarrely Hancock would later claim that the mistake was because his children are currently obsessed with Harry Potter and somehow managed to confuse Rashford with the actor Daniel Radcliffe, which is quite an excuse. Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio he said:

I didn't know about it. And apparently I got it right about two minutes later, so it was a complete mis-speak. Perhaps I had Harry Potter on the mind. My seven-year-old listens to Harry Potter and reads Harry Potter avidly, including at 5.30 this morning when I got up to do this morning media round. So maybe I had Harry Potter on my mind.

Another completely normal morning in 2020 then...

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