Meghan and Harry ‘are now doing Zoom calls with Kate while she cooks dinner’

Meghan and Harry ‘are now doing Zoom calls with Kate while she cooks dinner’

Despite the media whirlwind surrounding the royal family and Sussexes feud, it turns out that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton like to stay drama-free and are, in fact, “very close”.

Royal expert Stewart Pearce told US Weekly that the foursome are frequently Zooming and FaceTiming each other across the pond. The chats are reportedly very informal and often take place while “Kate [is] cooking dinner in the kitchen” and her husband is “making cups of tea.”

While Pearce noted that Harry and Meghan are “very different” from William and Kate, the movement to a more positive relationship is clear following previous tensions in the past. “Their lens on the world is highly individualized. And what’s remarkable is that they all totally respect [each other], but this lens is different”, he said.

“It’s not that William, and William and Kate, leave all the controversy about Harry and Meghan alone,” the author added, “But … they just simply position it there because after all, it’s not their responsibility to be involved in, you know, verbalizing anything. What they do is just simply offer as much peace and tranquillity and calm as possible.”

A source revealed to the news outlet in July, “they have absolutely turned a new page in their relationship.”

“Everyone around them was thrilled to see how close they were on the day of the statue unveiling.”

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