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Desperate times call for desperate measures. But thing aren't yet quite so bad that we're ready to resort to a fascist dictator, right?

Melanie Phillips thinks otherwise. The controversial right-wing Times columnist called out what she sees as the government's 'betrayal of democracy' on her blog.

So discontented with Theresa May's government abandonment of the people, she sees only one alternative: Nigel Farage must be installed as Prime Minister before the public loses faith in the democratic process.

Despite the wildly contradictory logic of restoring faith in democracy by submitting Britain to fascism, this might actually work.

After all, under the leadership of seven-time-election-loser and man who claims he's 'of the people' while standing in a gold-plated lift, the voting public will presumably do anything to get back to good old referendums.

People had lots of issues with the tweet. For obvious reasons.

Others had so many probles that they didn't know where to start.

Yep, people are not into this idea.

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