New York Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made her Met Gala red-carpet debut donning a white gown that read, “TAX THE RICH,” a statement very much in line with her progressive line of thought.

But several people online took issue with the look, noting the juxtaposition of criticising wealth inequity whilst attending one of the most extravagant, elitist and expensive events in the world.

“‘Tax the rich’ she says on her 100k dress put together by a team and got in with her 30k ticket,” one user said. “The irony of wearing such a statement and then attending an event that is the epitome of wealth and extravagance really screams in my ear,” another added.

While it’s seemingly an ironic decision considering the net-worth of most of the Met Gala’s guest list, AOC likely didn’t pay for her attire or $30,000 ticket, which critics have implied. When it comes to the annual event, it’s customary for celebrities, and apparently New York representatives, to be invited or sponsored by brands. Thus, she may have attended for free, and chosen to use the likely press coverage to spread her message of taxing the wealthy.

What’s more, the Met Gala is technically for charity, though some Twitter users don’t buy that at this point, writing: “If you want to disrupt, you don’t participate. Being radical isn’t about wearing a quirky gown with ironic font, it’s about deliberately avoiding the unnecessary, displace of wealth and wealth culture. And charity? The ‘it’s giving to charity’ discourse is so tired.”

And, as expected, conservatives used the opportunity to pile onto the representative.

AOC clearly had good intentions wearing this dress, and certainly got us talking. Perhaps that was the point?

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