Michael Moore thinks that Tom Hanks or Michelle Obama should run for president

Michael Moore thinks that Tom Hanks or Michelle Obama should run for president

You might think that Americans would have had enough of celebrities getting involved in their politics, but it seems not.

In an appearance on Good Morning Britain, acclaimed documentary maker Michael Moore thinks Oscar-winning actor, Tom Hanks, should be running for election in 2020.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, the 64-year-old, who was promoting his new movie Fahrenheit 11/9, was asked who he thought the Democrats should nominate in two years time to defeat Donald Trump.

In his answer he named Hanks, as well as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama:

Democrats need to run a beloved American, someone people want to vote for.

I’ve said for years that Oprah [Winfrey] should run. I’ve asked Tom Hanks twice to run.

Who doesn’t like Tom Hanks? Nobody, right? Tom Hanks would win.

I said you’re the only one that can save us. Maybe Michelle Obama, everyone loves Michelle Obama.

Unfortunately, as Moore revealed, Hanks has repeatedly said no to the idea of getting involved in politics, so we can put a pin in that dream straight away.

In addition, Michelle Obama and Oprah have said that they have no desire to get involved in politics, leaving this little fantasy just as that; a fantasy.

During an appearance on The View last year, Moore also suggested that Al Franken should run for office.

The celebrities on our side, first of all, are smart. If we ran Al Franken, run Tom Hanks…

Who wouldn’t vote for Tom Hanks for president of the United States? Come on. Oprah!

However, to suggest that Franken should be running for president now wouldn't be such a good idea, as the senator has recently resigned following sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Who else is there then?

The Rock? He's not interested.

LeBron James? Maybe.

Taylor Swift? It's unlikely.

Kanye West? Definitely not.

With that being said, Hanks has been on Twitter in the last week sharing links to voter register websites so, who knows?

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