Destiny's Child is Beyoncé, let's be honest.

At a push it's 90 per cent Beyoncé and 10 per cent Kelly Rowland, who gets a mention for 'Stole' and that's about it.

Unfortunately, poor Michelle Williams has faded into cultural obscurity. Perhaps it's because she shares a name with Jen from Dawson's Creek, who knows? But it's safe to say she's not the one that pops into our minds when 'Bootylicious' gets played at the end of a house party.

Still, it seems pretty harsh to ask her about that to her face...

That's exactly what comedian Loni Love did when Williams appeared on an episode of chat show The Real. She said:

You even stated that you knew you weren't the vocal favourite of Destiny's Child. What made you second-guess?

It's kind of an awkward question, but Williams' response was truly iconic.

It's not that I was second-guessing, I'm just aware. It didn't stick with me, it's just sometimes you're aware you're not everybody's favourite, and that's OK... I still got paid.


Ironically, her response to not being the favourite may have just made her the favourite because we cannot remember a single Beyoncé quote that memeable.

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