This is the best city in the world according to millennials

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It seems millennials still love the Big Apple, no matter how expensive it gets.

Ipsos-MORI interviewed 18,557 adults aged 16-64 across 26 countries using their online panel system, between 21 April and 5 May.

They asked respondents the best cities in the world to:

  • Live in.
  • Visit.
  • Do business in.

The score for each city in the index was calculated as the sum of the three individiual scores achieved by each city in the answers to each question.

A list of sixty cities was drawn up to choose from.

Picture: Ipsos Mori

Here's how generations' top tens differed:

Picture: Ipsos-MORI

The survey also gathered country-specific rankings, and here was the UK's top tens - unsurprisingly we love London:

Picture: Ipsos-MORI

However, New York ranks pretty poorly for people in the UK.

Auckland, meanwhile, ranks surprisingly highly compared to global rankings. Go New Zealand!

Here are the cities different generations most want to visit:

Picture: Picture: Ipsos-MORI

Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer at Ipsos, said:

Again we see the power of the New York brand with its appeal to people across the world, young and old. 

In the wake of Brexit, London will be pleased to remain Europe’s pre-eminent city, ahead of its arch-rival Paris.

But the rise of Abu Dhabi and the weakness of Sydney among younger people remind us that no city can afford to rest on its laurels.

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