Miss Massachusetts contestant resigns title after pageant makes a #MeToo joke

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A beauty queen from Boston, Massachusetts, has decided to return her title after a pageant emcee made a joke about the #MeToo movement.

Maude Gorman, who was Miss Plymouth County for the Miss Massachusetts Miss America Organisation, resigned after a skit that took place during the Miss Massachusetts pageant last week.

The controversial segment involved the host of the event talking to someone pretending to represent God.

In a video shared by the Observer, the host asks why the swimsuit competition was removed from the pageant to which 'God' simply replies "me too".

Gorman, who is a sexual assault survivor and an advocate for #MeToo, was backstage when the skit occurred and decided to make a stance.

CNN quotes her as saying:

Nobody saw the skit because we were backstage, but we could all hear it.

I instantly knew I had to do something. It was going to eat away at me if I didn't... we were all shocked.

We said, 'Oh my god. I cannot believe that just happened. Did that just really happen?

On Friday she officially resigned from her position and gave a longer statement on Instagram, explaining that she wanted to stand by other victims and not simply "let this go".

In response, the Miss Massachusetts organisation have issued an apology on Facebook, stating that the script wasn't approved and that all skits will be reviewed in the future.

Her title is expected to be awarded to the Plymouth County runner-up.

As reported by CNN, Gorman explained how being gang-raped at the age of 13 led her to struggle at school and suffer from PTSD for three years before she eventually opened up to her mother after keeping the incident a secret.

When I turned 16, I didn't know where my life was headed and I was disappointed.

And I felt like I was failed because the adults around me didn't recognise the signs.

I told my mom in the car and she knew something big was coming.

After receiving help, Gorman has excelled, graduating with honours from school, promotes active and healthy lifestyles and is now planning to speak about sexual assaults in colleges across the US.

In addition, after recent events, Gorman has decided to leave the world of pageantry behind her.

I am done with pageants. I don't see myself competing again.

I am happy with leaving the pageant world behind me.

HT New York Post

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