Models being used to promote white supremacists are furious

Models being used to promote white supremacists are furious
Joana Groblinghof/Facebook

Since Donald Trump won the US presidential election, and the UK voted to leave the EU, white supremacists have capitalised on the turmoil and used it to spread their views online.

A bizarre group of Twitter accounts has been posting pictures of white women to argue that the white race is superior to other races. Like these:

The pale-skinned, blue-eyed women used to further this argument, however, didn’t know their photos were being used.

A journalist from Rackedreached out to some of the women used in the posts, which have more than just a whiff of Hitler about them, to break the bad news.

One of the women, whose photo has been used in posts including the hashtag #WhiteGenocide, is Swedish blogger Joana Gröblinghoff. This was her reaction:

This is disgusting!

I was never asked for permission and this is not the way I want to see my face on the internet!

Fiona Quinn is the photographer behind the original photo in this tweet:

She told the journalist:

I am horrified. This goes against my belief systems and makes me feel sick. I live in New Zealand — we are multicultural and so many of my close friends are not white!

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