Monica Lewinksy just made the perfect joke about 'being an intern'

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

A new meme emerged on Twitter at the weekend, involving people saying that they had thought of a joke but feared it wouldn't work. The punchline being the explanation for not sharing it.

It sounds like it shouldn't be funny, but it actually kind of is, or maybe you had to be there?

Here are a few examples of this new trend:

Well, this trend was fun while it lasted but appears that Monica Lewinsky has already tweeted the best possible version of the joke by hinting at her own affair with former president Bill Clinton when she was an intern at the White House, which resulted in his impeachment.

Lewinsky's tweet has since gone viral and been shared more than 75,000 times on the website with many people declaring that she had 'won the internet'.

Lewinsky, who now works as an activist against cyberbullying, is no stranger to speaking out about her affair with Clinton and sometimes making a joke about it.

In July 2019 she tweeted that one of the worst pieces of advice that she ever received was that taking an internship at the White House would 'look good on her resume'.


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