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Some things literally need to be seen to be believed.

Last week a comedian went head-to-head with Cancer Research over their new ad campaign. Sofie Hagen says that posters and billboards from the charity detailing how obesity is the biggest cause of cancer after smoking is "incredibly damaging" to overweight people.

Twitter user Bozwonk uploaded a video he took at Kingston upon Thames of an advert by Cancer Research UK, in which they state that a cause of cancer is obesity.

The automated billboard went from showing the Cancer Research ad… followed swiftly by a McDonald’s ad for a 99p cheeseburger.

Do you see the problem with this set up?

The Twitter post has been shared more than 7,500 times, and received some 18,000 likes.

Needless to say, the irony was not lost on people.

Oh dear.

Others pointed out that the pair of opposing adverts appeared in other parts of the UK side-by-side.

There were some who applauded what they thought was a great subliminal campaign.

The organisation insists the advert is based on science, arguing that after smoking, “obesity is the second biggest cause [of cancer]”.

A spokesperson for McDonald's told indy100:

We are aware of the advertising board in question and are currently reviewing this placement with our media agency. However, exact positioning of advertising on a national scale can prove difficult despite agreed requirements for placement.

They emphasised it was not a deliberate placement.

This article was updated to include McDonald's comment. Cancer Research UK have been contacted.

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