MyPillow Guy completely loses temper as reporter explains he ‘has proof of nothing’ over election fraud claims

The CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell has once again embarrassed himself on television as he continues to claim the 2020 United States election was rigged.

This time, Lindell claimed to have watertight evidence that China tampered with votes in the election which saw Donald Trump’s rival Joe Biden elected as president.

The My Pillow Guy appeared on CNN and continued to push the lie about the election.

He also presented “evidence”, consisting of screenshots of basic data, which he claimed showed that hackers in China switched Trump votes to Biden votes.

But, despite having spent “millions” uncovering the supposed evidence, he soon became defensive when he learned cyber and election security experts had ridiculed it.

CNN host Drew Griffin told Lindell: “We sent this to our own expert. He said it doesn’t show any specific actions of any kind, election-related or not, and he said it’s proof of nothing.”

Lindell responded: “Oh, so he said it’s nothing, huh? Well he’s wrong, you didn’t hire a cyber expert.”

In the clip posted on Twitter by fellow CNN broadcaster Anderson Cooper, Griffin explained that they had consulted nine experts – all of whom said that Lindell’s screenshots were “extremely rudimentary metadata” and “completely ridiculous”.

In addition, they contacted officials at the 15 counties Lindell has named in a counter-lawsuit against the vote-counting system Dominion.

Voting machine maker Dominion filed a lawsuit against Lindell, alleging that he has defamed the company with his false claims.

Their systems are not connected to the internet, thus making it impossible for his claims that China hacked the election system and changed votes to be true.

The interview with Lindell became heated as he was pressed by Griffin on the implications of his continued claims about the legitimacy of the election and Biden’s presidency.

Lindell, clearly rattled, shouted: “You’re lying!... I’m not wrong! I’ve checked it out! I’ve spent millions! You need to trust me!”

Not sure we’ll just be taking your word for it, Mike.

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