Nobody knows how to properly pronounce this biscuit

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We're not even going to go near the great scone debate. It's a terrible conflict, and too many frienships have been lost because of it.

No, today indy100 addresses a side conflict in the great clash of confectioneries, much overlooked by the croissant munching mainstream media.

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Nice biscuits were definitely the biscuit that your friend's Mum would offer. You would accept it, but it never came close to a chocolate digestive, or custard cream.

Made by Hill Biscuits, they are a wheat based sugary treat, with a dash of coconut - well suited to accompany a cup of tea, in this writer's opinion.

More importantly, apparently nobody knows how to pronounce it.

Too many foolish persons do not know the true original of this biscuit, and therefore call it 'Nice', as in they pronounce it the same way as 'This Nice biscuit tastes very nice'.

In fact, the biscuit is named after the French town of Nice (rhymes with geese), and, according to legend (written on Hill's website) was named as such after a visit to the town by Queen Victoria.

Her Maj reportedly took a stash of Nice biscuits along with her, because they were her favourite, giving them the nickname.

The news that the biscuit is a homonym with the French town, has been a shock to many.

The more you know.

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