It seems our country's (hopeful) politicians aren't familiar with that old adage involving repetition and insanity.

On the same day as Theresa May announced her intention to foist her deal upon parliament for a fourth time, self-styled man of the people Nigel Farage claimed it was his "duty" to stand as an MP.

The only problem is that the people have already voted against him – seven times.

In an interview on LBC, he said: " It's a duty. We cannot ever allow again for a great democratic exercise like this to be railroaded by career politicians in both the Labour and Tory parties."

While his Brexit Party seem to be on course for success in the European elections, Mr Farage's track record in UK elections is less than illustrious.

The last time the Brexit Party leader ran as MP for South Thanet was in 2015. He lost by 2,812 votes.

This was a mild improvement upon his 2010 effort, when he received 1,930 fewer votes than a candidate dressed as a dolphin named Flipper.

People were quick to share their thoughts.

One person thought 'duty' might not have been the word he was looking for.

And others thought he might try a new tactic.

Others felt his manifesto wasn't particularly important.

While some thought his decision could have unintended consequences.

Regardless, there was clear consensus that a hero was needed.

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