Of course you can buy Cecil the lion merchandise

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Wednesday 05 August 2015 09:00

RIP, Cecil the lion. You may be gone, but your legacy lives on through the medium of tacky merchandise. It's the circle of life.

While more than £550,000 in donations has poured in to the Oxford University Wildlife Conservation Research Unit since the protected lion was shot with a crossbow and then decapitated and skinned by dentist Walter Palmer, aka, The Most Hated Man in the World, other tributes have been less tasteful.

Toy-maker Ty Inc. has created a Cecil Beanie Baby, profits from which are going towards conservation efforts - and he is pretty cute, what with the black mane and everything:

But that's just the beginning. Phonecase maker GoldGenie has rolled out a 24 karat gold Cecil-embossed HTC phone case, which can be yours for just £1,580 (10 per cent from each sale is going to Zimbabwean conservation charity Friends of Hwange).

And of course there are the bootleggers: Redbubble is offering a plethora of T-shirts reading 'Je Suis Cecil' and 'Justice for Cecil', there's a pub in Norwich that's named a new beer 'Cecil's Revenge' and a bakery in Leeds has combined revenge-fantasy with cake:

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